’53 Ford F100. This truck may still be around today, but for hot rodding capabilities, look to the ‘50s.

’53 Ford F100

Here at Smog Check Temecula we’ve always loved pickup trucks; I don’t know whether it’s the large dominance you get on the road’s, or simply having the storage on the rear. Comparing to the previous pickup trucks I’ve had previously, my favorite model is the ’53 Ford F100.

It’s a very retro looking vehicle and does attract attention when driving along – I’m not sure if it’s the bright red coat, the unusual shape and domes or maybe they are just shocked that a truck like this can even still run on the road.

However, being an attention-seeker and a passionate petrol head, I always like to turn heads when I arrive at a destination – and the ’53 Ford F100 definitely achieves that for me.

When I heard about the fad of hot rodding, I couldn’t wait to modify this truck. As said previously, I’m passionate about vehicles, but I’m also an adrenaline junkie for when it comes to speed.

The fastest I have gone is well over 170mph on a bike, going up the motorway, and I can still remember how still and silent I felt as I flew along; seeing the outskirts of my vision turning to blur creating a tunnel-like vision.

Although it’s unlikely I’ll get my truck up to this speed, it won’t stop me from trying.

Not only have I made this beauty faster (I often take her off road for a play), but I’ve also customized the bodywork and colors to turn this into a mean machine. Patterns include a big yellow thunderbolt going down both sides, with a purple background.

This project is never finished… As I’m always looking out for ingenious parts and am even thinking of getting a big skull on the bonnet.

Overall, the ’53 Ford F100 has been a joy to work with! I’ve had her for a few years now and I’m still as possessive as I was the first day I purchased from the original seller.