’55 American Grafitti Chevy. This was clearly one of the coolest and most influential screen cars of all time.

’55 Chevy

The ’55 American Graffiti Chevy is very well known for its appearance in films such as “Two Lane Blacktop” and “American Graffiti”.  These two movies had a great impact in the popularity of this car, especially in “American Graffiti”.  At www.thecartoctor.org/ we enjoy these movies both for the cars and for the amazing actors and actresses that were part of the cast such as, Harrison Ford, Cindy Williams and Ron Howard.

This model is often confused as a Bel Air or a Chevy 210 in the movies but the technical features are incomparable. Ruth, the builder of this car, had to step out to let everyone know which one was the ’55 Chevy so that there weren’t any more doubts.

The ’55 Chevy 150 Sedan has a 454 engine with aluminum heads as well as tunnel ram intake and dual carburetors from Holley. The ’55 American Graffiti Chevy has an incredible acceleration of ¼ miles in 10.5 seconds. Taking into account that this car was made in 1955, it is pretty impressive to discover this feature.

The specs of the transmission show some other shocking characteristics; having a Muncia M-22 hooked to 4.88 gears, it was a real monster. Apart from that, it had four-wheel disc brakes and a straight axle that was personally custom built by Richard Ruth.

When it comes to windows, each and every one of them had to be changed for security reasons so that when the car did some stunts or had to be rolled over it was not as dangerous as if it had the original crystal windows. That is why a material like Plexiglas was used to replace the windows on the sides. Moreover, the hood lids, stock steel doors and the trunk were also modified with fiberglass, all of these for security requirements.

Actually, they were made three ’55 Chevys for the production of “American Graffiti”.  One would end up crushing in a simulated accident and another one ended engulfed by the flames. It’s a pity to acknowledge that only one out of these three impressive cars survived the amount of work and history they had is irreplaceable.