’64 Pontiac GTO. Both the ’65 and the ’66 GTOs were great classic cars, but the fast and souped up ’64 makes the list of the top 15 hotrods.

Considered by most people including BMW Service as the first “muscle car”, the 1964 Pontiac GTO is a high performance and low-cost car. For any enthusiast who loves the terrific style, and plenty of power from an impressive classic, the ’60s convertible cruiser is the real deal. Usually, there is a special aura that goes with any original car. The sense of shared history with the owner is like marriage. This is the kind of car that will roll out of the showroom and straight onto the show field. Its size is perfect, with a standard engine 389 cubic inches, producing 325 horsepower. Besides the fact that this is a vintage car, the provenance of this car can be confirmed by the Pontiac Historical Services. Original owners usually have exciting stories to share concerning these hotrods.


This vehicle was originally traded in Westfield, Massachusetts after being discovered by its current owner a GTO enthusiast. After nearly 25 years of amusement, he introduced a 2-year rotisserie refurbishment that fitted the car with a fine new pair of quarters and accurately altered its profile to better than new. The comprehensive metalwork evolved from the garage to the paint booth, its classic panels were re-painted in straight black PPG. Today the car is a good example of the American Old School style. Right now it is one cool head turner that wins accolades as effortlessly as it drops jaws.

The Engine

Open the car’s hood and you’ll find 389 cubic inches Pontiac V8, completely rebuilt and covered in attractive turquoise with its correct casting number, date and 348 horsepower. At the top of the engine is it’s correct Rochester power setup. The polished air cleaners, stainless steel fluid lines, and its correct cast iron intake are some of its features. The impressive engine of this car is fully detailed with grease marks and yellow carb springs.

Get this vintage car and you’ll enjoy one of the most refurbished vintage cars!