The Batmobile. The classic car 1960s show created one of the most iconic hotrods of all time.

The Batmobile

The classic car 1960s show created one of the most iconic hot rods of all time. they can bring it to our shop if it needs Radiator Repair. But before it began its journey as Batman’s crime-fighting automobile, it was a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car. Batmobile designer, George Barris, decided to use this concept car due to its already-existing, bat-like features.

The Batmobile was designed for the purposes of an upcoming 1966 Batman TV series. At first, the job of creating the legendary Batmobile was assigned to car customizer, Dean Jeffries, who decided to resign the project. Afterwards, the TV producer, Wiliam Dozier, approached George Barris, who went on to design and build the Batmobile, as we know it.

Eddie Graves, a production artist at 20th Century Fox, drew sketches that helped design the Batmobile. With a team of 5 workers and a tight deadline of only three weeks, George Barris managed to finish this notorious hot rod, but instead of building the car from scratch, he used the Futura concept car which was sold to him for 1 dollar in 1965.

Bill Cushenby reworked the hood, opened up the wheel wells and modified and scalloped the rear fins, while Gale Black did the front saw blade, the rocket tubes, and the orange driving lights. As soon as the bodywork was finished, the vehicle sported a gloss black paint job with fluorescent cerise tripes that accentuated the lines of the car.

The Batmobile contained a remarkable supply of gadgets that were added by the Studio, such as a nose-mounted chain slicer, a radar, a telephone on board, a police beacon, a computer on board, lasers, rocket tubes and the infamous smoke-emitting, 180° bat-turn.

During the air of the series, several changes were made to the Batmobile, such as the change of the steering wheel, different license plates and the addition of more gadgets.

After the show ended, the Batmobile had more television appearances, until it was sold at the Barret-Jackson Scottsdale auction in 2013, for 4.2 million dollars, setting a world record.

The 1966 Batmobile design has a huge influence on contemporary Batmobile designs nowadays, and it has a huge fan base that considers it to be best Batmobile out there. It is without a doubt one of the most influential and desired hot rods of all time.