If you want to learn about custom cars, what you can do with them, how to find them and tips and tricks to fix them up. You at the right place.

I’m Jimmy, I bought my first custom project car three days after I turned 16 and have not stopped. It seems like every gear head took apart a lawnmower engine at one point, then moved to on to dirt bikes and then cars.

However, that was not my journey. I played around with imports first, then found out how frustration they were to work on and they didn’t have the feel or style I was looking for.

I used to joke that cruising was blasting down he freeway at 90 miles an hour, but was made fun of for years that cruising is a low and slow game.

Now I agree to the later, riding in a custom car that has had the proper work done to take it back to looking like a brand new late 1900’s fresh off the line vehicle.

With a little bit of extra punch under the hood, and a low roaring exhaust that tells a hint of the story is what makes me smile now.

If that sounds like you and you want to hear about some of the best custom cars of all time. Then projects were working on now, stick around and check out my blog.

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