’50 Mercury Hardtop with “sled” styling, the Mercury is one of the coolest looking hot rods ever made.

’50 Mercury Hardtop

Here at Newman’s Automotive, we agree that the 1950 Mercury Coupe was a very popular vehicle for its era. People want to drive a stylish and high performance automobile whenever possible. The ’50 Mercury Hardtop is worth an overview that discusses these features. It is certainly one of the coolest looking hot rods on the market. People want to drive the ’50 Mercury Hardtop when it is on the market as well. Car collectors have wanted to find the model for some time. That could complete any lineup of 1950’s classic cars. The Mercury brand name is one that is well respected as an automotive manufacturer on the market.

It is a 2 door classic car and has a large size to it. The ’50 Mercury Hardtop is perfect for a cruise or Sunday drive. A Flathead V8 engine is under the hood and ready for the road. Expect top performance from the engine when the car is put in gear. Drivers have offered some information related to performance for new buyers. Read the information and get updated on the ’50 Mercury Hardtop as well. Look for the Isly Cam in the engine block under the hood. That completes the vehicle as it was originally designed by the brand.

The price tag may entice people who want to drive the ’50 Mercury Hardtop. Most sellers will describe the classic car as solid and sturdy. It weighs a lot given the bulky frame of the vehicle. People want to drive the ’50 Mercury Hardtop as a status symbol. Classic car enthusiasts are waiting to see the vehicle and take a test drive. Meet with the owner and discuss a deal for the classic car. They may be willing to negotiate the final price tag that buyers consider. Some buyers mentioned finding the ’50 Mercury Hardtop for sale through EBay as well.

ZZ Top Coupe. No other hotrod in the ‘80s was as cool as this one, featured on the album covers and all over MTV with the band ZZ Top.

ZZ Top Coupe

By day we Fix Car Oceanside but other interests include  this legend that had appeared everywhere since the 1980’s. You might be interested is some fun facts about this vehicle. This vehicle had rocked many musical and entertainment videos. In fact, this is the vehicle that has also captured the heart of many superstars and actors. The best known rocker of the vehicle is ZZ Top front man Billy F. Gibbons. He chopped 1933 ford in the year 1980. He was impressed by Pete Chapourious. This vehicle is also known as The Eliminator and this title is given by fans and other enthusiasts of the product.

The side panels of the vehicle feature a three-dimensional hood made by Steve Davis. The rear splash pan is filled with an eye-catching number plate “39 Ford Teardrop tail lights”. The motor of the vehicle is a hi-power supply and the power of the body is a simple but 350-cid Chevy V-8 and a polished hydraulic cam. The vehicle has a four-barrel carb, a 350 transmission turbo system, and a fine quality finish. The finish of the vehicle has made it more attractive and beautiful during videos.

Most interestingly, the tube axle and a system designed as a four-bar are also outstanding features of the vehicle. You might be interested to know that Billy also had a Don Thelen Buffalo motor car shop in the year 1976 and in the same year he commissioned a buffalo Motor Cars and Southern California’s So-Cal Speed Shop in order to make an engine and an all-steel ford and three-window coupe. However, in the year 1983, when this car made its first appearance on the “Eliminator” it reached the pinnacle of fame. The “Gimme All Your Lovin” is the first video in which it made an appearance. The funny thing about this vehicle is that in all videos the age theme is different and eye-catching for a boy who is accompanied by charming girls traveling in the “Eliminator”.

’77 Trans Am. Thanks to Smokey and the Bandit, sales of this fast and fun hotrod spiked in the late ‘70s.

The ’77 Trans Am is easily one of the most intimidating and hardcore looking cars on Earth. Even more is that big golden Firebird on the hood. You just can’t ignore its slick look. Maybe for that very reason, a black-and-gold Special Edition was chosen to be a part of the ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ movie. Pair a car like that, with a bad-to-the-bone, cowboy-hat-wearing Burt Reynolds (Bandit) and as a mechanic, we understand why this car gained so much popularity.

The gentlemen at General Motors were more than happy to see that sales of this fast and fun hotrod, basically skyrocketed over two years after the film’s release, doubling to what they were before! Because of this, the President of Pontiac, promised to give Reynolds a brand new Firebird every year.

In 1977 the Trans am received a very distinctive restyling – the slanted nose, and four square headlights, by which it is most easily recognized by. The all-known Chevrolet inline six engine was dropped in favor of Buick and Oldsmobile V6 and V8 engines, but as fuel economy was a top concern, the performance had to suffer. Even so, the sales didn’t take a hit, and in 1978 Pontiac sold almost 190,000 cars, and it was the best sales years ever, and it was all thanks to ‘Smokey and the Bandit’. In 1980 a turbocharged version was introduced to further improve the vehicle’s emissions, as well as mileage, but the single Garett turbo unit turned out to be a step too far, as it often lead to engines being destroyed without any prior warning. Unfortunately, that sealed the fate of the car, as there were only about 71,000 sales in 1980, and 1981 combined, less than 40% of 1978 sales.

Like Pontiac, Burt Reynolds also took a financial hit in 2014, and was forced put his Firebird up for auction. Even though the final bid was not expected to go over $80,000, the actual sale price of the car was a whopping $450,000.

Try as we might, we cannot deny that the fact that Firebird has a legacy to be proud of, and it may not be the fastest, but it is truly one of the best looking hotrods of all time.

’32 Ford Roadster. Impossible though it may seem the ’32 Roadster may be even cooler than the coupe.

Hot-rodding is a prevalent American culture. The marvel was first secured by magazines. Lustrous print names, for example, The Rodders Journal, Hot Rod Magazine, Street Rodder, Popular Hot Rodding, and Rod and Custom Magazine are only a couple of the magazines that element this staple action in the American life.

Notwithstanding print, hot-rodding moreover picked up mileage in the visual wing of the media. Disclosure Channel included a considerable measure of speedster documentaries, for example, Monster Garage, American Hot Rod, and Overhaulin’. Furthermore, TV programs, for example, My Classic Car and Horsepower TV likewise had devoted scenes on subjects about hot-rodding.

Tom Wolfe expounded on it in his book “The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby.” Even the Beach Boys sang about it in “My Little Deuce Coupe.”

Hot-rodding for the most part started in the 1930’s in Southern California where individuals sometimes with help of their Mechanic, began altering light autos with huge motors and began dashing them on the huge and exhaust lake beds upper east of Los Angeles. The first dragsters were old autos that were lessened to weigh less and enhance streamlined features. After World War II, numerous little air terminals were relinquished in the nation. Basically, these scenes enabled hot rodders to race on stamped courses. World War II likewise helped the interest’s fame particularly in California where a great deal of returning troopers had been given specialized preparing in the administration to alter such autos.

At its core all, the 1932 Ford Roadster was the auto that each hot-rodder needed. It was the auto that changed the vehicle business until the end of time. It was straightforward, slender and it had a pined for nice looking body. It additionally had an exceptionally affordable motor, the V8, which remunerated the 1932 Ford Roadster with the notoriety for being the ideal auto for a country that was fixated on speed.

Be that as it may, at that point simply like everything else, hot-rodding’s notoriety begun to fade. Auto shows and racing partitioned the hot-rodding group. At that point Detroit discharged muscle autos like the Plymouth Roadrunner and the Pontiac GTO. With these muscle autos, there was longer any need to put a Cadillac motor in a Ford Roadster. The Pontiac GTO could beat any dragster and it offered more traveler space. There was not any more any need to invest energy to assemble and tune the auto without anyone else’s input. The muscle autos had it all.

However, today, the dragster culture lives on. Furthermore, in January 2007, hod bar culture even commended its 75th commemoration by discharging The 75 Most Influential “1932 Ford Hot Rods”. The rundown was appointed by Ford where a board of dragster specialists inspected somewhere in the range of four hundred seventy-four commendable autos and whittle it down to seventy-five autos.

So on the off chance that you are intrigued to be a piece of the dragster culture, I encourage you to first have a go at leasing the auto in one of auto rental merchants around the local area. By leasing it you would have a specimen of encountering the auto, not simply in some nostalgic showroom, but rather on the rock itself. On the off chance that you don’t care for it, you won’t have any second thoughts since you can return it in the wake of leasing. Be that as it may, in the event that you like it (which I’m practically certain you will), at that point well and great.

You may likewise need to look at these auto rental merchants’ destinations. Their sites officially offer auto models, costs, rental polices, exceptional offers and reservations. Live out and be a piece of the American Way in a rental, for example, the 1932 Ford Roadster. This is the American Way as you probably are aware it, find it direct on your intriguing auto rental.

37 Lincoln Zephyr. For cool styling and appeal, the Zephyr cannot be beat.

'37 Lincoln Zephyr

Do you love hot rods? These types of cars attract most people and Mechanic’s due to its perfect design. They are unique and well-built. If you’d like to purchase a hot rod, you need to consider 37 Lincoln Zephyr. This model is one of the best available in the market today. It has attractive design, and heavily built body.

This is actually the best model ever made by Lincoln. This car was manufactured in 1937 by Lincoln Automotive. This car is far much better than Rolls-Royce Ghost. This car has v12 engine. This car features a sleek design and perfect modification. It is one of the most comfortable ever made by Lincoln. This car is exceptional and highly attractive in terms of quality and performance.

It has a power steering, 5.0 liter fuel capacity, V12 engine, ford 8.8 rear end, power disc brakes and much more!

This car features a perfect interior design including custom stitched leather, air conditioning system, leather steering wheel, Power windows, tilt steering column and much more. This car, unlike other hot rods, it is beautifully designed from interior and exterior.

The car features a perfect exterior finish, tinted glass, chromes, hidden fuel filler, lowered ride height and other great features. This car is durable; it cannot be compared with any other car from Lincoln. It is decently priced. If you have been planning to purchase a hot rod, this is one of the best you find on the market.

Unlike other models, this car has modern features that make it look even more beautiful and convenient. For cool styling and appeal, 37 Lincoln Zephyr is the best. This car is great and offers a safe, secure, unique and convenient ride! According to the latest hot rod reviews, this car appears in the list of best and most convenient cars. It features an elegant and unique design that catches the heart of most people!


’32 Ford 3-window coupe. Made famous by American Grafitti, this Ford is surely the most copied hotrod.

,32 ford 3 window ford’32 3-window coupe is one of the best and coolest hot rod car you could ever wish for made by Ford.  According to http://chesterriverautomotive.com, It has everything you want and desire under the hood. Under the hood, you will find a classic Blueprint Crate Engine 355ci V8 that provides around four hundred and thirteen horsepower. The amazing engine is paired with an automatic TH350 3-speed transmission that has been used at the rear end of a Ford 8” with a 2.80 gear measures. This Ford is surely the most copied hot rod car among all the classics.

The 3-Window Coupe features a unique custom-made body and chassis. The ’32 3-Window Coupe has an undercarriage that is made to the state of art. There are frame ties and cross ties that cross all parts of the car and they are well painted to match the color on the topside of the vehicle. It has a unique interior that features unique custom upholstery which is gray in color. The car has bucket seats, power windows, a Lokar floor shifter, power trunk actuator and other beautiful features.

This car will make your driving very comfortable and fun such that all your friends are going to be jealous. The ’32 Ford 3-window coupe is made with three Rochester and 2-barrel carbs. It is also included with a chrome bell housing, front leaf spring suspension and a vega steering box. For safe driving, reliable brakes are installed that have a front power disc and a rear power drum. It has side pipes for exhaust. This car was made famous by American Graffiti included when manufacturing the vehicle.

The body of the ’32 Ford 3-Window Coupe consists of a downs custom body, fiberglass nose, a fiberglass body, a removable strong steel hood and an electronically actuated trunk. The whole body is colored to match. It has rocket racing 5-spoke chrome 15” wheels for stability and speed. The interior includes custom gray and orange interiors, custom dashboard, an aftermarket steering wheel and strong power windows.

‘67 Camaro. This early Camaro surely earns a spot in the top 15 hotrods of all time for its speed and popularity.

'67 Camaro

According to BMW Repair North County, there are different types of vehicles made for different purposes depending on their design, power, carrying capacity and at times color. Specifically the Camero ‘67 is a 1967 muscle car made for delivery and power. There are many other vesicles made for this purpose but the Camero ‘67 stands out and is among the top 15 hot rods due to its unique features that make it stand out. In comparison to other vehicles of its kind, this early Camaro surely earns a spot in the top 15 hot rods of all time for its speed and perfect engine delivery.

Description of the Camero ‘67

The Camero ‘67 was designed as a road machine hence it was made for power and its engine was designed to deliver massive amounts of torque. For it to maintain this capability, the Camero ‘67 was not only made for delivery but also for comfort and good handling.

Since its first manufacture, this hot rod was available in two options either as a convertible or a hard top. This was intended to offer customers satisfaction since there are those who prefer either of the two categories. The engine power of this vehicle was ideal for it and you could expect nothing short of perfection from the Camero ‘67’s V8 engine with a capacity of 325 hp.

The V8 engine mounted on this vehicle made it stand out and did not only qualify it as a hot rod but it elevated it to the top 15 hot rods of all time. The Camero ‘67 was designed for power delivery and this it did without fail. To suit its powerful engine, the Camero ‘67 included front disk brakes, a four speed gear transmission a wide base and a strong suspension. The Camaro was hard to beat and it boasted of its 140 mph top speed that gave it numerous victories and an impressive racing record.

The Camero ‘67 was and is still a pride for many since it is made durable and it’s engine is designed to deliver perfectly at the same time maintaining its power. This vehicle is made for speed and its V8 engine delivers perfectly hence giving it the ideal horse power it requires for it reach top speed at the shortest time and deliver power efficiently. In comparison to many other vehicles that are not in the top 15 hot rods of all time, the Camero ‘67 surely earns a spot in the top 15 hot rods of all time for its speed.