The first Shelby Cobra. Built in 1961, Carroll Shelby’s original Cobra was one of the best hotrods ever built.

Shelby Cobra

If you drive a 1961 Shelby Cobra, you love classic muscle cars. The first Shelby Cobra was built in 1961. Carroll Shelby’s original Cobra was one of the best hotrods in American car history. This vehicle is the very first Shelby Cobra and it’s unquestionably among the most vital cars in existence. It might not be your first choice but if you see one in town you definitely turn your head.

If you see one today, it’s like you are in some kind of fantasy dreamland. At we have seem some replicas that have done a great job at bringing it back to life.

Back in the day, being a true entrepreneur at heart, Carroll saw an opportunity to recognize his motoring dream by building America’s ultimate racing machine. It was 1961 and he would grab an English AC Ace model body from the fledging soon to be out of business AC Cars and combine it with some serious American muscle. He saw the agile Brit roadster with its light-weight chassis the perfect body to house a Ford small block V8 3.6L engine.

This is the moment Carroll became a constructor, not just a race car driver of the brutish motoring creation that would blast onto the race car scene. It was the blend of the Cobra’s light body, smaller dimensions and powerful V8 horsepower that would revolutionize motoring around the world.

There’s no such thing as too much power…The iconic Cobra to this day remains one the most bad-ass, growling and gifted of Ford’s super cars.

It would seem insane to introduce so much power into such a small chassis. However, being the dreamer Carroll was, he kept pushing the envelope with the 61 Cobra. The car, even by today’s standards is extremely fast with its winning power-to-ratio formula. Zero to sixty miles per hour was about 4 seconds and zero to a hundred to 10 seconds. Just like the striking speed of a real-life venomous cobra snake, the aggression of the early 60’s Cobra was not to be messed with.

Driving a Cobra is truly really nice so long as you intend on behaving. To be a good boy in a Shelby Cobra is virtually impossible. It’s like handing over the keys to a 427 engine with plenty of torque and asking you to drive like Miss Daisy – it can’t be done.

Even though the Shelby Cobra was designed so many years ago, it is a remarkable piece of American-British hybrid art that will go down in motoring history as legendary. It’s over 50 years old but still in demand by many motoring enthusiasts around the world.