ZZ Top Coupe. No other hotrod in the ‘80s was as cool as this one, featured on the album covers and all over MTV with the band ZZ Top.

ZZ Top Coupe

By day we Fix Car Oceanside but other interests include  this legend that had appeared everywhere since the 1980’s. You might be interested is some fun facts about this vehicle. This vehicle had rocked many musical and entertainment videos. In fact, this is the vehicle that has also captured the heart of many superstars and actors. The best known rocker of the vehicle is ZZ Top front man Billy F. Gibbons. He chopped 1933 ford in the year 1980. He was impressed by Pete Chapourious. This vehicle is also known as The Eliminator and this title is given by fans and other enthusiasts of the product.

The side panels of the vehicle feature a three-dimensional hood made by Steve Davis. The rear splash pan is filled with an eye-catching number plate “39 Ford Teardrop tail lights”. The motor of the vehicle is a hi-power supply and the power of the body is a simple but 350-cid Chevy V-8 and a polished hydraulic cam. The vehicle has a four-barrel carb, a 350 transmission turbo system, and a fine quality finish. The finish of the vehicle has made it more attractive and beautiful during videos.

Most interestingly, the tube axle and a system designed as a four-bar are also outstanding features of the vehicle. You might be interested to know that Billy also had a Don Thelen Buffalo motor car shop in the year 1976 and in the same year he commissioned a buffalo Motor Cars and Southern California’s So-Cal Speed Shop in order to make an engine and an all-steel ford and three-window coupe. However, in the year 1983, when this car made its first appearance on the “Eliminator” it reached the pinnacle of fame. The “Gimme All Your Lovin” is the first video in which it made an appearance. The funny thing about this vehicle is that in all videos the age theme is different and eye-catching for a boy who is accompanied by charming girls traveling in the “Eliminator”.